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We offer a variety of themes to suit different skill levels and needs. Workshops can be structured for half, full days or full weekends.

Idea Ignition: Research & Understand Your Business Concept. 1/2 or full day.

  • For Beginners¬†considering the entrepreneurial journey. Have an idea, 20 great ideas or no ideas at all, this is a great workshop prior to starting the Venture Mapping Course!¬†
  • Topics:¬† Ideation, customer persona & engagement, product/service value, prototyping, how to get potential customer feedback, product/market fit.¬†
  • Outcome:¬†Entrepreneurs understand¬†the value their idea delivers, to whom, and why they would purchase it. This is the cornerstone of any venture!


Pathway to Potential: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset & Key Personal Skills. 1/2 day or full day.

  • For Any Entrepreneur wanting to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial mindset and toolkit of essential personal skills.¬†
  • Topics:¬†Entrepreneurial mindset, essential personal skills, self-awareness and assessment, leveraging development tools.
  • Outcomes: Entrepreneurs will understand how¬†to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and develop personal skills that will significantly increase their likelihood of long-term success. Each participant leaves with a personal plan that aligns with their goals.¬†

Womens' Entrepreneurship Retreat: Empowering, Connecting & Succeeding Together. 1/2 day - 2 days.

  • For Women Entrepreneurs¬†looking to build confidence, overcome challenges, gain strategic insights and foster meaningful connections.
  • Topics: Self-worth and self-confidence, mindfulness, work-life balance and family dynamics, self-care, networking, personal branding, vision and goal setting.
  • Outcomes:¬†Participants will leave with enhanced confidence, a clear vision, strong personal branding tools, strategies for work-life balance, a practical, personal action plan and meaningful connections with like-minded women entrepreneurs.

Personal & Business Finances: Setting Yourself and Your Business Up for Success. 1-2 days.

  • For Anyone seeking to master personal and business financial management to ensure long-term success and generational wealth.
  • Topics:¬†Financial fundamentals, personal finances, business finances, funding, savings and retirement planning, tax planning, financial tools, contingency planning.
  • Outcomes:¬†Each participant will leave with a tailored financial plan that aligns with their personal and business goals, enhancing their financial resilience and ensuring their business is set up for success.


Business Model Bootcamp: An intensive workshop to buildout the basic framework of your business idea. 1-2 days.

  • For Anyone that wants confidence in their idea¬†before investing a great deal of time and energy. Assess basic viability and a high-level understanding of what it would take to start and run this business.
  • Topics: Understanding your idea, industry and potential barriers to entry, customer and market research, Venture Map development, money matters, decision points.
  • Outcomes: Participants will leave the workshop with an enhanced understanding of their business idea and a model for making critical go/ no go decisions.

Customized Workshops

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At My Venture Coach, we believe that entrepreneurial skills are essential for success in today’s fast-paced business world.

Why Choose My Venture Coach?

  • Tailored Programs: Our bootcamps and workshops are customized to suit your organization's unique goals and the specific needs of your community or team members.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who bring real-world experience and insights to every session.
  • Inclusive Learning: Programs are designed specifically for your audience.
  • Practical Skills: Focus on actionable strategies and hands-on activities that drive immediate results.

Charting the Course for Future Innovators & Leaders

Kristi harnesses her extensive experience across corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic realms to fuel your ambition. With over 30 years of pioneering in leadership roles and owning multi-million-dollar ventures, she brings a treasure trove of strategies and stories to the table.

Tailored Training for Your Success:

Kristi specializes in customizing training programs to align with your organization’s unique goals and needs. Whether you're seeking to inspire your team with innovative entrepreneurial thinking, empower women in business, or foster personal and professional development, Kristi’s engaging keynotes and My Venture Coach workshops are designed just for you.

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