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1. What stage are you currently at with your business idea?


I have a business idea but haven't started working on it yet.


I have started my business and am in the early stages of launching it.


My business is already up and running, and I am looking to grow it further

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What is your current experience with entrepreneurship?


I am new to entrepreneurship and need guidance on where to begin.


I have some experience and have already launched my business.


I have significant experience and need strategies to scale my existing business.

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What are your immediate goals for your business?


To develop and validate my business idea.


To establish a strong market presence and ensure my startup’s survival.


To optimize my operations and sustain growth.

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How familiar are you with business planning and strategy?


I have little to no experience and need comprehensive guidance.


I have some experience but need help refining my strategies.


I am experienced and need advanced strategies for scaling my business.

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Help us get to know you a little better so we can add value to your experience. 

  • What are your biggest challenges or concerns in your current entrepreneurial stage?
  • Describe any specific goals or outcomes you hope to achieve by taking a course with us.
  • Share any additional information about your business or idea that you think would help us better understand your needs.

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